Profile of the Motor Ferry Industry Bargaining Council

The Motor ferry industry Bargaining Council (MFBC) was registered on 28 May 2003. The registration number is LR 2/6/6/15.

The parties to the MFBC are the South African Motor Ferry Association (SAMFA) which is the employers association. Current members of SAMFA are Commercial Vehicle delivery services, Grindrod Auto, Motorvia, Siyaduma Auto Ferriers and Vehicle delivery services. The union party is made up of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU), Transport and Allied workers Union of South Africa (TAWU) and THOR Transport Action Retail and General Workers Union (THOR).

A registered constitution as amended is available and the parties have a number of collective agreements covering the relationship namely:

  • ·         A Main Collective agreement (Download)
  • ·         A job grading procedural Agreement (Download)
  • ·         A Meeting logistics agreement (Download)

The standing committee of the MFBC meets regularly and is responsible for the following functions.

  • ·         Financial oversight
  • ·         Job Grading (Download)
  • ·         Exemption applications
  • ·         Any other interim duties that it is required to perform by the parties.

The bargaining council meets at least once per annum

The Negotiation Committee (the Motor ferry forum or MFF) meets as per agreement between parties and negotiates wages, as well as other terms and conditions of employment.

Two key objectives of the MFBC are to bring in all employer parties falling under its scope into the council and/or to ensure that terms and conditions of employment are applied to all parties. The latter objective is achieved by extending the agreements to non parties through application to the Minister of Labour.

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